From Durga Ma to Dipa Karmakar, has development truly helped the Indian woman?

The essay is based on Chapter 7 of Economic Survey of 2018. It addresses the question of “How is India faring and how much progress has been made?” and delves into the concept of development and the relation it has and has had with gender, specifically, gender outcomes over the course of a decade from... Continue Reading →

The Economics of the Roman Empire

• 3 minute read • __________________________________________________ The whole story of ‘Obelix and Co.’ (the 27th edition of the Asterix comic book series) is a parody of capitalism. Obelix, who makes menhirs (large tear-drop shaped stone structures) comes across Preposterus, a graduate from the Latin School of Economics (haha), who devises a scheme to keep the Gauls... Continue Reading →

The Weakening Rupee

  The Indian rupee fell to its lowest level in over 16 months closing at 67.8750 per dollar on Wednesday, 16th May. It closed at 68.57 at the time of writing this article (12th July 2018) just a smidgen above the lowest value. It is the worst performing Asian currency and has fallen by over... Continue Reading →

The Rise of the AIIB  

After World War II, Asia and Europe were devastated, over 80 million had died, many, many more injured and much of the world lived in abject poverty. Countries were in the process of rising from the ashes (literally, in some cases) and for this, they needed some strong financial support. From the Bretton Woods Conference,... Continue Reading →

Why Are Global Policymakers Gloomy?

As officials gather for the I.M.F. and World Bank meetings in Washington, worries about trade and debt are on the rise. “The present good times will not last for long,” said Maurice Obstfeld, chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, as he released the fund’s latest projections, which foresee a solid 3.9 percent expansion of... Continue Reading →

UK Interest Rates

Expectations that UK interest rates will rise in May could be overblown, the governor of the Bank of England has indicated.   Recent economic data has come in softer than what was expected. Investors and City economists are widely predicting that the Bank’s monetary policy committee will raise interest rates from 0.5% to 0.75% at its next meeting in... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

This blog is dedicated to newbies in Economics - like me. Hopefully, you'll find it interesting. Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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